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Freedom System Palette Partylicious


price: Sisältää verot90,00 €

Buy in a set and save 20%

19 g/0.7 US OZ

Too much is never enough, so grab Freedom System Partylicious Palette filled with 10 glam Freedom System Creamy Pigment Eye Shadows and enjoy 20% off the set. The exclusively decorated palette makes sure that the party mood is on and allows to keep full collection in one place. 

Get ready to party with the ultimately shimmering eye makeup achieved with Freedom System Creamy Pigment Eye Shadows! Inspired by intriguing possibilities of AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows, the formula consists of pure pigment and diamond dust to let you catch all the glances on the dancefloor. These highly pigmented eyeshadows ensure duo sparkles effect, therefore the colour depends on the angle of the light.

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Freedom System Palette Partylicious

Freedom System Palette Partylicious

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